Hi! Thank you so much for your interest in our family business! Auntie Em’s Sweets started in the fall of 2017 although it has been a lifelong dream of mine. My name is Emily! I am wife to Brandon and Mom to our three little minions. We have called Edmond home for several years and I absolutely love having my business in our community. At Auntie Em’s we are currently offering fully customized cookies, cupcakes, and cakes! I have had so much fun learning and growing these last few years. There are so many things I love about this business, but by far the best part is the opportunity to put so many smiles on people’s faces. No event is complete without the perfect sweet treat! If you have visited our Menu page you may have noticed that our cakes have some interesting names! Well each cake has been designed and named after someone I love who has loved me well. Family is always my top priority and this is just a small way to say thank you for all of the incredible blessings I have been given in my life. Read on to see how your favorite cake got it’s name!

Cordial Granny

This cake is named after my Granny. A lady who has been there for me through every stage of life. Whether that be not telling my parents when I got in trouble while she watched me or taking me to sonic for a snack almost every day after school, many of my fondest memories of childhood have her in it. I loved being at my Granny’s at Christmastime and I always remember that one of her favorite candies to be cherry cordials. So Granny, this one is for you. Thank you for always making me laugh and taking care of me. I Love You.

Confetti Princess

This ice cream sundae like cake is named after Elizabeth, my oldest child. She is the sweetest happiest little girl and even as young as she is, always has others in mind. Her favorite thing in all the world is ice cream with sprinkles and a cherry on top. She is bright, beautiful, as sweet as they come and every moment spent with her is pure joy. So she definitely needed a cake to match her stunning personality. You already know how to love people better than many adults. You will change the world with your kindness. I Love you Elizabeth, my little bug.

Mama Knows Best

Alright, so technically this cake is named after me. That is, it is my favorite. Is it wrong to name a cake after yourself? Maybe it is, but I just had to share this one. You know at church pot lucks there is always that strawberry poke cake with whipped cream on top? Yeah. This is that, but better! This cake reminds me of growing up and how blessed I was to be surrounded by people invested in my future. It taught me to be ambitious and strong and to always let the lessons I have learned guide my choices moving forward.

More Berries Blue

This one goes out to my little man. Sweet baby James. This child could eat an ENTIRE 5 gallon bucket full of blueberries (I mean, I have never seen that, but I totally can picture it). The child loves blueberries. Really, he just loves life. James is determined and strong willed and the best little adventurer I know. Nothing stands in his way and he doesn’t waste any moments. He makes us laugh at least a couple times an hour and I spend as much time as I can get snuggling him because he is always ready for the next thing. “Mama Play” is one of his favorite phrases right now and I hope that it never stops. I Love you James and I can’t wait for all the adventures your life will hold. You will move mountains.

Energized, Against the Grain

This cake is for Josh, my baby brother. Although now of course an adult, he will always be that little toddler running around in his superhero undies to me. Josh has always chosen his own path. He is insanely smart and has success at many many of his ventures (flea market, garage band, magic tricks, comic book collector, just to name a few). He is always high energy and once he sets his mind to something, he will no doubt learn all there is to know about it and soon be better at it than most. Josh is kind and fun and the best uncle to my kids. I Love you brother, and I am so grateful for all the times we have shared and all the experiences to come.

Yellow is your Favorite

Dad, this cake is for you. My Dad has this excellent senior picture in this lovely yellow sweater (I hope the sarcasm is coming through). Well, my Nana has always insisted that this is because yellow is his favorite color. I am honestly not even sure if that is true but I do know that his favorite cake is lemon, and that is yellow so, basically the same thing. My dad is funny, smart, and has always had my back. He was a teacher in my high school and although at the time, his antics were mortifying to teenage me, now I couldn’t be more thankful that he was there. My Dad is the most amazing Grandpa and I am beyond blessed to have had his support in my life. Love you Dad.

Batch made in Heaven

This cake is for my In-Laws. Truthfully, the flavor is for my FIL although I know my MIL would like it too. This cake is named the way it is because my in-laws are certainly a match made in heaven. They have a marriage that everyone should aspire too. From the moment I became a part of their family, they have loved and supported me as if I were one of their own. They are incredible role models for anyone and I am so glad I have them to look up to. Love you guys, thank you for raising an incredible man and welcoming me with open arms.

Mixed to Perfection

Brandon, this one is for you. That is, this cake is for my husband, the biggest cookie dough fan on this earth. The name comes from our first Valentine’s Day together. I wanted desperately to impress him so I bought this giant (I mean GIANT) jar and planned to fill it with cookie dough. I wrote all these I love you more than…. phrases on the outside and was ready to make the scrumptious dough. Well. In my dorm room I didn’t have an electric mixer so I did my absolute best to make cookie dough WITH A SPOON. It was a disaster. An absolute disaster. That day I went out and got myself a little $8 mixer and filled my jar with the dough. He loved it and I have been making him cookie dough ever since. I plan on making many more batches, always with a proper mixer. Thank you for loving me well and being my forever taste tester. Love you always Brandon.

Gooey on the Inside

Mom, this one is for you. I had a really hard time coming up with the flavor idea for my Mom because she is so many things to me. As an attorney she is a fierce example of what ambitious women can accomplish. As a mother, she is the perfect picture of what loving someone unconditionally looks like. As a friend, she always has my back and I know our time spent together will be filled with joy and fun. So how do you make a cake for that? Well. One of my Mom’s favorite treats are s’mores. The marshmallow has to be toasted just right. The chocolate perfectly melty (her word), and the graham cracker strong and holding it all together. You know? That is my Mom. Strong on the outside, sweet and warm on the inside, and when it comes down to it, the most kindhearted person I know. The best Oma to my kids, and forever my best girlfriend, I love you Mom.

Littlest Love

This one is for my youngest. The baby in my belly that I don’t know much about yet! The little peanut that I am dieing to snuggle in my arms. Our little tiebreaker baby that completes our family. You are already so loved and once you’re here I will write about who you are and who you will become. You will be our littlest love and your whole family is anxious for your arrival.